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The Seventeen Question Meme

1. 5 things you can see without getting up: My Little Pony toys from McDonalds taped to my speakers, a framed photo of my family, a corkboard covered in letters and postcards from my friends, 4 bookcases crammed with books and my cat.

2. Cake or pie? Cake. Preferably cookie cake. The only thing I like about pie is the crust. Unless it's ice cream pie, but that is a WHOLE OTHER BALLGAME.

3. Favorite method for relaxing and forgetting your troubles. Reading while sunbathing, riding horses. Unless a hot tub is available; that trumps a lot of things.

4. Latest obsession? Reading Jim Butcher's Dresden Files

5. What do you hear right now? the fan in the bathroom

6. Who was the last person you hugged? My husband

7. What is/was for dinner? we grazed last night, but mom has invited the whole family for a traditional Irish dinner with corned beef, Irish stew and mint ice cream for the color. I think I gave her the idea when I dyed the dog green for St Patrick's Day.

8. What did you do yesterday? Got up, checked my email, read a chapter in the Dresden Files while I ate breakfast, packed a lunch, hauled myself up to Atlanta to the forge. Had a blast setting stones, grinding resin and polishing the hell out of a high-end piece. Ate lunch at some point in time. Drove home to discover Rich had picked up the Rooster we had taxidermied for my dad, which is really creepy over the fridge right now. Hung out with the family,took out the trash, soaked in the tub, crawled in bed and read, then curled up on Rich and went to sleep.

9. Dog person or cat person? Horses! No, really I am a dog person. Which is ironic, because Rich and I own two cats instead of a dog. Rich isn't much of a dog person, but I'm going to turn him with a puppy because he can't stand against the cuteness.

10. What's the farthest you've ever traveled? Hakodate in Japan.

11. What was the last thing that you bought? I got groceries the day before yesterday and splurged and bought a Twix. I see gas in my future today.

12. If you could afford to go anywhere in the world, where would you go? I don't really have a holy grail of travel anymore, but I'd love to go on a horseback trip in New Zealand or Australia.

13. Where do you see yourself in five years? Making art in Pasadena, CA and riding herd on babies.

14. Favorite album. This changes; especially since I like to put together my own very eclectic mixes. I sing along to every song on Big and Rich's Horse of a Different Color, the 1st Due South soundtrack and I have most of the songs from Glee. Rich is still being gracious about me playing Kansas' Wayward Son on repeat for two hours, thank goodness!

15. What are you doing this weekend? Going to celebrate Erin's perpetual 21st birthday in Athens, GA with karaoke and sushi. And drinking.

16. If you could play any musical instrument, which one would you play? The guitar. You have no idea how much I wish I didn't have a tin ear and fumble fingers so I could play an instrument. Second choice is the piano.

17. What place(s) have you visited that you could happily keep going back to? the North Georgia mountains, rafting in Idaho, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Italia forever!, Costa Rica, Japan (thoughts and prayers).


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